Black History Celebration quiz exciting to students

POSTED: 03/1/13 12:34 PM

MARIGOT/GREAT BAY—Exciting participation in the annual Black History Celebration (BHC) quiz, said Shujah Reiph, president of Conscious Lyrics Foundation and organizer of the island-wide celebration.
“The students were excited about participating in this year’s quiz, one which teaches them about doing insightful research on Black History,” said a teacher at one of the island’s high school.
“The much in-demand iPad mini, as the main prize could be the reason for the excitement surrounding this year’s quiz,” said Jacques “Billy D” Hamlet, owner and manager of SOS Radio 95.9 FM.
According to Hamlet, the radio station has been receiving various phone calls requesting information about the quiz.
“We have already received a number of entries via email and they are quite interesting,” said Reiph.

Yesterday was the last day to submit the 2013 quiz. Participants had to email their completed quiz after they have correctly identified all eight persons by first and last name with a short biography of no less than 30 words .
The winner will receive an iPad mini, while the second and third prizes winners will receive other prizes, said Reiph.
The prize giving ceremony will take place tomorrow at the Blue Point computer store on the Walter Nisbeth Road in Philipsburg and will be broadcast live on SOS Radio 95.9 FM at 11:30 a.m.

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