Black eye for customer service

POSTED: 01/21/13 1:03 PM

St. Maarten – Customer service on the Friendly Island sustained a black eye when St. Maarten weekly news reported about the experience of a tourist who had bought an iPhone in St. Maarten. “He paid $1,000 in cash for it and when he got home it did not work. He soon concluded that it was not genuine,” the report in St. Maarten Weekly News states.
When the disgruntled customer returned with his precious purchase to the store he was in for a disappointment and a dose of frustration. The retailer – who was unfortunately not identified in the story – wanted the customer to pay for the repairs to the iPhone, while the customer simply wanted his money back. “Once you leave the store the guarantee is over,’ the retailer said.

St. Maarten Weekly News had this to say about the incident: “Many electronics items sold in SXM carry guarantees which are void in the USA — we believe that’s because of US consumer protection laws. US electronics purchases are covered by US laws and most items have excellent guarantees. If you’re tempted to buy electronics in SXM, think twice; it may not be worth it.”

Jeff Berger’s company JMB communications offers member more than 170 discounts to travelers to St. Maarten, but electronics stores are not in the mix: “There’s a reason we do not offer JMB members any discounts on electronics in SXM. Now you know what it is,” Berger wrote in his newsletter this weekend.
Berger also warned his readers about knock offs at retailers on Back Street.” If you see top brands of handbags for sale at extremely low prices on Back Street, Philipsburg, you should know that raids have been conducted there to seize counterfeit handbags and destroy them. If prices seem to be too good to be true, you now know why.”

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