Birthday party turns into Middle Region fund raiser

POSTED: 11/5/12 1:01 PM

St. Maarten – What started with a plan for the annual birthday party of Today’s Editor-in-Chief Hilbert Haar’s spouse Myriam turned into a fundraising event for the president of the community council for Middle Region and Defiance Lenny Priest on Saturday.
When Haar asked the owners of the La Cabana restaurant and bar in the Royal Palm Resort in Simpson Bay for a quotation for the party, Wilfred Evertsz sent an email saying that the tab for the party was on him.
Slightly taken aback by the generosity of the Evertsz-family (stemming from Stories Today wrote about their business when it was entangled in a court case with diamond Resorts) Haar’s initial reaction was to turn the offer down as a violation of his professional code of conduct, though he appreciated the gesture. Then he got an idea that was quickly embraced by the Evertsz-family. La Cabana would charge nothing for the party, but it would run a tab and whatever the amount would be at the end of the evening, would be donated to a charity of Myriam Haar’s choice.
Her choice fell on Lenny Priest for the work he does with children in Middle Region and Defiance. The tab totaled $472, but the birthday lady will donate this week a round figure of $500 to Priest.
And that’s not all: Russ Battiato, one of the guests at the party, immediately offered the children Lenny Priest is working with a free hike into the hills in Reward with Hillside Adventures, a company he operates together with Joslyn Richardson.
The donation was made possible in the first place by the generous offer of the Evertsz-family and La Cabana, and furthermore by the party-guests who were encouraged to make sure that the tab reached a decent level.

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