Birthday party donation for Middle Region Council

POSTED: 11/16/12 6:09 PM

St. Maarten – The Middle Region Community Council received a surprise $500 donation last night. The donation stems from a birthday party from Today Editor-in-Chief Hilbert Haar‘s wife Myriam that was held at the La Cabana restaurant in the Royal Palm Resort Saturday a week ago. When La Cabana owners Wilfred and Barbara Evertsz offered the party for free, the birthday lady decided to let them run a tab and to donate the money to a charity. She chose Lenny Priest’s community council for the work it does with the children in the district.

Joslyn Richardson of Hillside Adventures was also at hand to offer the children a free hike in Reward on a date yet to be determined.

Lenny Priest received the donation from Wilfred and Barbara Evertsz on behalf of the Community Council during a board meeting held at the Sr. Marie Laurence School.

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