Berger: “Wifol should shut up”

POSTED: 09/10/12 12:58 AM

St. Maarten – Jeff Berger, owner of JMB communications and publisher of the electronic newsletter St. Maarten Weekly News foresees a lot of trouble in case the Wifol union successfully appeals the latest verdict in the Pelican Resort / Simpson Bay Resort saga.
In that case, Berger wrote this weekend, “the financial cost to the resort would be so huge that it would shut down and all its employees would be thrown out of work; timeshare owners could conceivably lose their entire investments; the island would get a black eye to its tourism product that is beyond imagination; and tourism for the island would essentially end.
“Why the union has pursued this pissing contest is beyond us. Its actions have been totally self-destructive and harmful to the entire island. The union should pick up its marbles, fold its hands, and shut up until the resort is taken over by the Seminoles, after which it can look forward to a significant number of new jobs. Until then it needs to act rationally, for the good of its own members and everyone else.”

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