Belvedere residents and foundation protest construction in green zone

POSTED: 08/19/11 12:15 PM

St. Maarten – President of the Belvedere Home Owners and Tenants Association (BHOTA) Elston Fos says they are consulting a lawyer about the decision by the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation to construct buildings in a designated green zone. The Association has already garnered the support of the St. Maarten Pride Foundation.
According to both organizations the Housing Development Foundation is violating the development plan for Belvedere that was approved in 1996 and national laws. The document gives the entire layout of Belvedere, including the green zone. It also forbids anyone from building a structure higher than two stories in the green zone.
“The residents of Belvedere are against this project because the only piece of greenery that they had is illegally being taken away. By the way it is not allowed to build so close to the trench,” Fos stated in an email to the media on Thursday.
While the association is consulting a lawyer on its next steps the St. Maarten Pride Foundation has announced that it will write a protest letter to Parliament requesting that they stop “the housing foundation from building houses and structures on the designated green areas” because they have not seen any information or documentation that the 1996 development plan has been changed or amended.
“Our foundation strongly objects to taking away green open spaces from the Belvedere home owners and residents. The Belvedere residents and home owners deserve open green space as was intended for their quiet, peace of mind, quality of living space. Building more houses is not only illegal but will create an overcrowded situation, which can jeopardize the well being of the neighborhood,” President of the St. Maarten Pride Foundation Jadira Veen stated in an e-mail.

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Belvedere residents and foundation protest construction in green zone by

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