Belgian schools to charge “Sandwich tax” to kids eating their own sandwiches

POSTED: 06/29/14 5:06 PM

Sandwich tax

Trust the Belgians to come up with something original that feels at the same time a bit despicable. Flemish primary schools are going to charge the parents of their pupils in September a sandwich tax, according to the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.

In the town of Hasselt, children who want to eat their sandwiches in the municipal school at lunchtime will have to pay 25 eurocent per day. The town’s executive council took this decision earlier this week. Other cities have already introduced the sandwich tax.

The measure will cost parents between €60 and €270 (roughly between $80 and $370) – and they are not amused.

If we understand this correctly, the Belgian municipalities want to charge kids for eating their own sandwiches, because they have trouble making ends meet in their budgets. It is a typical example of “we are short, so you have to pay.”

This political arrogance requires a fitting reaction and we are curious to see how Belgian parents are going to deal with this blow to their wallets.

Fortunately, no politician in St. Maarten has come to similar ideas – and with the elections in sight, it is not very likely anyone will dare proposing a Belgian-style sandwich tax before August 29.

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