‘Beatrix did a marvelous job’ Portrait of a Queen

POSTED: 01/30/13 1:59 PM

St. Maarten – The abdication of Queen Beatrix, was covered in every news program all over the world.  Last Monday Queen Beatrix announced in a speech to the nation her abdication from the throne and that she would hand over her duties to her son Prince Willem-Alexander.

A lot of reactions came out after the long expected news that she will step down from her throne. CNN called her an ‘icon’ while ABC news said that ‘her son has to work hard to match his mother’s popularity’. The Queen also known by her nickname “Bea” has enclosed herself into the hearts of the people throughout the 33 years she led the Dutch Kingdom.

“It is a closed woman who is deeply connected with the Dutch people, here in the Caribbean and in the Netherlands,” Richard from Holland told this newspaper. “She can be really emotional when it comes to big disasters, think of the fire at the bar where 14 youngsters died in Volendam, the firework disaster in Enschede and the attack on the Royal family on Queensday in 2009. She was right in the middle of the people, expressing her concerns and compassion. The people appreciated that. I think that it is a woman with common sense, who dedicated her life to her country and she did a marvelous job on that.”

Robbert a citizen of St. Maarten and a fan of the royal family said “I remember her visit to Curacao in 1999 when a hurricane just hit the island. She went to the people who suffered from the damage and talked to them. That day she got hit by a wave, but that did not put her back, she continued her trip even though her hairdo was completely destroyed. She got nationally and internationally appreciation for that. Queen Beatrix is a tough cookie; she has a strong personality and is a control freak. A mother for all Dutch citizens, a mother for her family, but most of all she is a terrific grandmother.”

A poll from NOS news showed that 88 percent of the Dutch people think that Queen Beatrix did a good job on serving the Dutch Kingdom. “I liked Beatrix; she was a perfect role model and is highly appreciated by other royal families. A Queen with hardly any faults or scandals and that’s very rare when you look to the other families abroad,” a restaurant owner on the Boardwalk said.

Not everyone is fond of the royal family. When Today asked people their opinion we heard for instance this from St. Maartener Franz: “I don’t like the royal family at all; they should quit this monarchy and give back the money and land which you took.”

Prince Willem-Alexander will take over the throne from his mother in the Nieuwekerk (the New Church) in Amsterdam on April 30. This church is the background for inaugurations for the past 200 years. King Willem-Alexander will be the first king since his great-great-grandmother Queen Emma took over the throne 123 years ago.

Prince Willem-Alexander increased his popularity over the years. 7 out of 10 people in the Netherlands have faith that the former ‘Prins Pils’ (the ‘beer prince’) will do a good job together with his wife Princess Maxima. This leaves him on a better 73 percent than the 60 percent the prince got in previous years.

“I think he will do a good job,” Barbara told Today’s reporter. He will do a completely different job than his mum did I believe. The one thing he has to change, in my opinion, is that he needs to be a little more spontaneous. But I think he will do well for the Kingdom.”

“It’s a kind of boring looking man at first sight, and a bit clumsy,” Heather’s first impression by seeing a picture of the Prince. “It was all over the news Monday that’s why I thought that it had to be something big, but to be honest I have no idea what all of this means.”

72 percent of the Dutch people believe that Prince Willem-Alexander, a member of the International Olympic Committee and a water expert manager, together with his wife Máxima    are fully prepared for their new role as king and queen of the Netherlands.

About the tasks that the King and Queen needs to fulfill in the future, 73 percent of the people said; to be representatives for the country abroad, to give support to the people by national disasters and to have a ceremonial role.

The next successor to the throne will be the King and Queen’s daughter Princess Amalia.

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