Basketball player dies at season’s opening

POSTED: 02/3/14 12:14 PM

St. Maarten –  Just when every thought that day one in the 2014 St Maarten  national Basketball Association season would have set the tone for the remaining of the highly anticipated tournament, one player died while warming up for game two just hours after the tournament was declared open at the LB Scott Sports Complex.

Efforts to resuscitate the young man failed despite attempts by the personnel to get him to breathe with the help of a mechanical apartatus. When they finally give up, emotions among the players on his team as well as members of the audience spilled over and the police instructed that the facility be cleared just before Dr. Mercuur arrived on the scene.

According to an eye witness, the victim who was only identified as Jimmy from St Peters was involved in a warming up drill which required each player to try to get the ball into the ring after it rebounded off the board.  “He just fell on his back and was breathing for a few minutes before the ambulance arrived, then he stopped moving,” the eye witness stated.


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