POSTED: 03/16/15 12:54 PM

St. Maarten – Long before Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsey appeared on stage on the last night of the St Maarten tour, there was never a dull moment and for those who had the pleasure of being in the audience, it is the last time they would see such a theatrical performance here by the star studded cast.

“If you did not see the show, I am so sorry but you have to wait on the DVD’s if you live here because we will not be coming back. We are moving on to Tortolla then to England, Canada and finish the tour in the USA,” Shebada said at the conclusion of the last show.

The third episode of ‘Bashment Granny’ which was written by Paul O. Beale, produced and directed by B.L Allen, is known to attract a very strong audience wherever they perform. It began with a funeral service for the late ‘Bashy’ who ironically was killed by Shebada. Amid the mourning by family members and close friends, Shebada who was improperly attired made a grand entrance much to the delight of those present.

The story took on another twist when Garfield’ Bad Boy Trevor’ Reid , who was released from prison used his father’s name to steal millions for Miss P (and her so called lawyer who was bent on getting as much as he could from the family settlement), with help from his girlfriend from the UK. The regular confrontations between ‘Half A Dog’ Wiliams, Shebada, Miss P (, Bad Boy Trevor and the infectious girlfriend caused bouts of hysterical laughter among the audience which was made up predominantly of Jamaicans who were quick to relate to the dialogue and manner of speech.

The final showdown was between bad Boy Trevor and Half A Dog, guns were drawn in several  cases, but Bad Boy Trevor ended up on the losing end with a bullet to his head shot by Shebada. All in all the play did not disappoint and left patrons wanting more.


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