Bar Association Dean Remco Stomp: “Bosman Law is shameful and racist”

POSTED: 03/5/14 10:35 AM

St. Maarten – Racist and shameful. Those are the qualifications for the Bosman Law from Attorney Remco Stomp, the Dean of the Bar Association in St. Maarten. The dutch parliament debates the initiative law from VVD-MP Andre Bosman today.

“Much has been said and written about the proposal in the past months, which sets special rules and regulations regarding admittance and expulsion for Arubans, Curaçaoleans and St. Maarteners in the Netherlands. Professionals as well as non-professionals, the Council of State and special committees have given their legal expert opinions,” Stomp says..

The Law proposal, in short, differentiates between Dutch people of European descent and Dutch people of Caribbean descent. “Legal experts have concluded that, merely by applying the existing laws, the proposal does not only breach fundamental principles in many laws and treaties, but is actually racist,” Stomp says. “The fact that article 2 of the proposal specifically mentions and targets people of Caribbean descent or origin while in that same article specifically excludes people of European descent or origin, constitutes differentiation based on race or ethnic origin.”

According to the dean, presenting a racist law proposal in these modern times is a remarkable feat by itself. “Presenting a racist law proposal to the Dutch Parliament, aimed at people of Caribbean descent notably just after the 150th anniversary of the abolishment of slavery, certainly does not qualify as bad timing alone. Presenting a racist law just after the passing of the great Nelson Mandela, a happening in which the whole world once more was reminded of the horrors that racism and segregation, better known to the world as apartheid and notably a Dutch word, can do to people, certainly does not make things any better.”

Stomp adds that there is some” icing on this very bitter cake” and that is “the peculiar or rather troubling fact that the initiator of this proposal, publicly and notably on the website of the Dutch second chamber itself (,refers to Martin Luther King as his great example. To put it very mildly, that does not qualify as good taste and much less as a compliment to the latter.”

Indeed, on his personal website, Bosman states: “My example is Martin Luther King. He dares to express his dream and to chase it. Many people think beforehand what could go wrong or what will not succeed. My opinion is that you must want to make your dream come true. I am both a dreamer and a go-getter.’

The dean emphasizes that those who know the Netherlands, “know that there are still people who actually are friendly and caring to anyone, regardless of race, age or sexual orientation. People that actually engage their brain when they are talking. A parliament of a country that brought the world great thinkers like Baruch Spinoza and Hugo de Groot, a country that still prides itself for progress and modern thinking, will make short work of this shameful proposal.”

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