Bada Bing bookkeepers’ sentence more than doubles on appeal

POSTED: 05/7/12 1:24 PM

GREAT BAY – Ramona Sonia Lupu saw her sentence for her role in the March 7, 2011 Bada Bing robbery more than double on appeal. The Court in First Instance sentenced the dainty blonde Romanian to 30 months, with 10 months suspended. But the appeals court unanimously voted for a much higher punishment against the adult entertainment club’s former bookkeeper: 4 years imprisonment.

After last year’s regatta-weekend, Lupu took the club’s revenue – about $16,000 – to the bank together with a security guard. Soon after the two left the club in Lupu’s car, they were robbed by an armed bandit, Kenny Douglas, a former cook of Pineapple Pete’s. Lupu made the plan for the robbery together with Jimmey Ramsahai, whose appeal in this case is still pending.

At the trial in the Court in First Instance, a manager of the club told this newspaper that Lupu had alerted the robber when she was about to leave with the money via a text message.

Solicitor-General mr. Anton van der Schans asked the court during the appeal hearing to confirm the sentence handed down by the Court in First Instance. But according to the judges –  mrs. J.R. Sijmonsma, J.P.C. van Dam van Isselt and J.P. de Haan – that did not go far enough.

The court considered the statement the actual robber, Kenny Douglas, made to investigators, credible; and that statement reveals the role both Lupu and Ramsahai played in the robbery.

“The defendant has violated her employer’s trust in a shameless manner by giving information to her co-perpetrators that made it possible to steal money from her employer. She sacrificed the safety of a colleague, who came along to guard the money, to her own greed; the colleague also sustained injuries because violence was used during the robbery.”

The court also considered that the robbery took place at mid-day, “on the public road and visible for every possible random passerby. The court considers it plausible that this has affected the feelings of safety people are entitled to on a public road, in a serious manner.”

Lastly, the court considered the defendant’s attitude during the court hearing. “Through her denying attitude the defendant shows no regrets for what she has done, while nothing shows that she recognizes that what she did is punishable.”

The court granted Bada Bing $18,347.13 in damages. The court holds Lupu individually responsible for these damages, noting that in case one of the other defendants pays up, she will be let off the hook.

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