Baby-killer sent to jail for 15 years

POSTED: 10/17/13 10:04 AM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance ruled yesterday that Dalton Danelle Le Blanc was in a state of diminished responsibility when he brutally murdered a 2-month old baby in Middle Region on April 2. At the trial on September 25 the prosecution demanded 20 years imprisonment – based on proof for premeditated murder – but the court acquitted Le Blanc of this charge and sentenced him to 15 years for the lighter charge of manslaughter.

Le Blanc, 26, killed baby boy Mark Anthony Reid Morgan during a psychotic attack of religious madness. The details of the killing are to gruesome for words. A psychiatric report revealed that Le Blanc suffers from psychosis and a mental disorder in terms of paranoid schizophrenia. The report noted furthermore that the killer’s belief systems are “of morbid origin” but that he has acknowledged that killing the infant was wrong. “The nature of his delusions and hallucinatory experiences could likely have impaired his insight and judgment to make a connection between the act being legally prohibited and the wrongfulness of the act,” the psychiatrist wrote.

The court concluded from this report that the defendant was not completely unaware of the scope and possible consequences of his actions. Le Blanc is considered responsible for his actions – be it in a diminished way.

“The defendant has committed a gruesome crime,” the court ruling states. “He ended the life of a baby that was just two months old in a way that is beyond every comprehension. The defendant ended the baby’s life in a violent way and caused indescribable sorrow to its parents who will have to live with this for the rest of their lives. The parents and the family will have to cope with the almost impossible to endure knowledge that Mark Anthony Reid Morgan is not there anymore and that he will never be there anymore. The defendant is responsible for this.”

The court saw no possibility to honor the prosecution’s request to put Le Blanc at the disposal of the government. This so-called TBR-measure would enforce the defendant’s admission to a psychiatric hospital where he could be held until psychiatrists consider him fit to return to society. Due to lack of legislation it is not possible for the court to impose this measure. Sending him to a penitentiary Facility in the Netherlands is also not possible, because Le Blanc is older than 18.

The court criticized the legislator – in fact, the parliament – for not having legislation in place that allows the court to put a defendant at the government’s disposal. “This is a serious deficiency. If no treatment can be ordered in the context of this measure, treatment completely depends on the will of the defendant. He is suffering from a disease for which he will have to take medication for the rest of his life. Whether he does this depends on his insight in his disease and whether he is faithfully taking his medication. Currently there is not a single guarantee that – in the case of just a prison sentence – the defendant at a certain point in time will be released in a better psychological condition. In the new criminal code it is possible to impose TBR. It is the responsibility of the legislator to makes these articles take effect.”

The court ruling states that there is a possibility use the instrument of preferential treatment to let the TBR-measure go into effect on short notice.

For more on the reasons why the TBR-measure is not possible in St. Maarten, see our opinion on this site.

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