Autism: Something is the matter with my child

POSTED: 07/23/14 12:14 PM

By Myriam Haar

“Yes, I noticed there is something not quite right with him but I don’t know what it is or what to do about it.”

In the course of the emotional coaching I’ve been giving since January 2013 to groups of children facing various challenges in their young life, I’ve come to hear this sentence several times; referring to the behavior of children we call ‘on the autism spectrum’.

Out of 18 children I work with each week aged between 9 and 11, 6 are on the spectrum which represents 1/3rd of the group. Yet only 1 child has been diagnosed by a professional, another was just officially diagnosed 3 months ago, one was evaluated for his IQ but nothing was apparently done about him being on the spectrum. The other 3 have not been evaluated.

This situation led me to start a study on Autism Spectrum Disorder and to conduct my own in-depth research on this fascinating subject. The fact that Autism exists on this island but that many parents have never heard about it plus the fact that it seems to be a non-existent topic on the ministry of health’s agenda despite the urgency of the matter compelled me to start writing this information column. Some will be general, others a bit more in-depth but I’ll keep it as simple as possible for everyone to understand.

 So what is Autism? What is a Neurotypical?

Neurotypical describes a person that is not on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, the majority of human beings on this planet so far.

Scientists will tell you that Autism is a neurological disorder due to a different wiring of the brain that creates challenges in communication, socialization and education. We need to be very careful here because there is a lot of research on the subject being done today and the researchers’ opinions diverge as to what causes it. However it is a life-long condition, it is not necessarily genetic (neurotypicals get children on the autism spectrum while parents on the autism spectrum don’t necessarily get children on the spectrum), and it is definitely not a disease so there is no cure for it although there are many ways to help improve the condition of autistic people.

So far for the explanation of Autism; in the next article I’ll explain the ‘spectrum’ element of Autism.

I work with 18 children of which 6 are on the spectrum, I also worked with 11 students, 6 of them graduated this year, among which 1 is on the autism spectrum. I’m coaching him to find a job and I’ve been coaching one family with a nine year old on the spectrum. These are all wonderful children whom I love deeply; they are very special to me. The first thing I do for reasons I’ll explain in a next article is to approach the family and tell them about their child; I also provide them with the necessary tools to help them support their child.

Myriam Haar is an awareness/personal development coach, a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and she gives emotional coaching in 2 different schools to young children and adolescents facing various challenges. For more info pls contact: or call 553 1192 or 0690 776993.

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