Author Will Moreland: Who wants to be a millionaire?

POSTED: 11/19/14 9:23 AM

St. Maarten—Everyone wants to be a millionaire and anyone can become a millionaire. That’s according to Dr. Will Moreland author of 31 books, including some that have made the best sellers list. Dr. Moreland is currently penning his 32 novel Copycat millionaire that teaches everyone how to become a millionaire.

In this book he teaches the 21 principles persons need to apply to become a millionaire. These include hard work, vision, service attentive and being proactive. Dr. Moorland is one of the featured speakers currently on island for the Global Entrepreneur Week. He will be imparting his years of wisdom at the foundation infobiz seminars and in particular at Friday’s heels and cufflinks session dubbed “Go Dominate” where he plans to take participants to the next level. In an interview with Today, he said St. Maarten is fertile ground for entrepreneurs, and that the time is ripe to build on and expand the current brands of businesses available locally. He added that St. Maarten’s location is also a key factor in its effectiveness as the launching ground for businesses.

Dr. Moreland encourages local entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs to build on what is already there and to make maximum use of the global community available at their fingertips through the internet. Persons should not, according to Dr. Moreland, be afraid of copying businesses that have been proven and in expanding on their themes.

“If someone has been doing the same business for twenty five years in the same way, it doesn’t mean you do exactly what that person is doing. Example, if everyone is selling souvenirs of St. Maarten at little tables to the tourists, you can get involved in the same business but make yours unique. Be innovative. Simple things like a photographer taking photos and adding a signature makes his brand stand out so he will be more likely to attract more sales than someone who is selling the exact thing as their competitor,” Dr. Moreland explained.

Dr. Moreland further encourages everyone to maximize their genius, something he says everyone has though many may not realize it. According to the successful entrepreneur and author, who has maximized and monetized his genius, in some cases persons are not aware they have a genius because that special talent comes to them so easily that they assume everyone else is capable of doing the same. Don’t hide your genius, show it to the world, use it in the most effective way and release it back into the world.”

He also shared his views on what he believes is perhaps the most significant difference between a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one. “Some people don’t succeed in business because they have the wrong perception of success and of failure. Let’s look at it from this from angle; when you go to the dentist, before he starts work on your tooth, he warns you that you will feel a bit of discomfort. Because he has explained that to you and you are aware of it, you are not caught off guard. Failure is part of success; it’s not a reason to quit. You don’t give up because you are unsuccessful on your first few attempts. The entrepreneurs that are successful continue to build on what many perceive as failure.” Dr. Moreland encourages persons instead to prepare for all eventualities and to not be afraid of copying what they have already seen as proven successes.

Persons interested in learning more from Dr. Moreland, may do so by participating in the Infobiz activities that have organized locally for the Global entrepreneur week by contacting Ife Badejo at foundation infobiz on +1-721-523-1842.

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