Audit Chamber still waiting for 2010 financial reports

POSTED: 10/14/11 12:17 PM

St. Maarten – The government still has not submitted its financial report for 2010 to the government accountant bureau Soab, General Audit Chamber Chairman Roland Tuitt said yesterday in answer to questions from this newspaper about the chambers current activities.
“The chamber audits the financial statements of the government. But before we are able to do that, these statements go to the Soab for scrutiny. Before that the government has to deliver them – and that has not happened yet for 2010. Once the Audit Chamber gets the statements, it has 45 days to put together its findings and to formulate recommendations.”
Tuitt said that the Audit Chamber will begin by the end of this month with an audit of the personnel organization of the government. Asked if this includes looking for ghost civil servants, Tuitt said, “It will be a complete audit, and it will be based on facts.”

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Audit Chamber still waiting for 2010 financial reports by

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