Audit Chamber launches dual-language website

POSTED: 01/30/12 1:55 PM

St. Maarten – The General Audit Chamber upgrades its web presence with the launch of the Dutch language version of the website as well as the introduction of new features.
The website was launched on November 14 of last year. It provides information about the Chamber’s role and activities, and about the country’s budget.
From the home page users now can choose to enter the site in English or Dutch. Content includes information about events and publications related to the General Audit Chamber. Among the items that can be found are presentations, photographs, videos and published reports and documents.

To increase the accessibility and utility of the information for the public, many of the critical elements are provided in both official languages of Country Sint Maarten. Legislation related to public finance and the national ordinance on the General Audit Chamber is now also available in English, and the Audit Chamber intends to add translated legal texts to the website in future. Video clips of the symposium of the High Councils of State as well as the presentation of the Audit Chamber to parliament are available on the website.

Information on the institution’s first major audit can also be found at This audit related to personnel expenditures of government continues in 2012 with a final report expected in April or May. The report will be made available via the dual language website once completed.

The General Audit Chamber, established in accordance with the constitution of Country Sint Maarten, began operations on October 10, 2010. The site was developed by the General Audit Chamber with technical assistance from the local technology firm Computech. With the public and other stakeholders making more use of electronic media, developing a web presence was a priority for the General Audit Chamber. Funding for the website project, which is part of the larger institutional development initiative for the establishment of High Councils of State, was provided by Usona. The site can be found at

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