Audit Chamber discusses integrity

POSTED: 01/8/14 5:07 AM

St. Maarten – Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams received a presentation from the Chairman of the General Audit Chamber Ronald Halman and his Secretary General Joane Dovale-Meit at the Chamber offices yesterday afternoon about the baseline measurement of integrity management it will be conducting in the coming months.

The General Audit Chamber will contribute to the ongoing integrity investigation by providing a snapshot of the state of institutional integrity management. The investigation will use risk analysis to investigate confidential issues and corporate governance and take stock of all integrity-related legislation. Furthermore the Chamber will examine to which extent the legislation has worked to ensure integrity and look at conflicts of interests, confidential oaths, the use of public goods and codes of conduct.

The General Audit Chamber checks that government spends public funds and conducts policies as intended. The Chamber is required by law to execute financial and performance audits. It can make arrangements regarding collaboration and support with the Courts of Audit of the Netherlands, Curaçao and Aruba.

The prime minister has emphasized in the past that the government has integrity programs in place within the civil service and that it has been working steadily on informing civil servants about their obligations and the pitfalls that they may encounter during their work.

“We are focusing on the rules, on policy and on regulations. Previously it was not that critical because the population was smaller but our community is much more complex right now; diverse people with diverse requests make it extremely important to have rules and regulations in place with the necessary checks and balances,” Wescot-Williams stated.


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