Attorney Merx: “Coercion method is unlawful” – Bada Bing-boss suspected of forgery and money laundering

POSTED: 10/2/13 1:05 PM

St. Maarten – The prosecutor’s office confirmed in a press release that Bada Bing owner Jaap van den Heuvel has been detained by the National Detective Agency. He is suspected of forgery, failing to file a tax return and money laundering. Van den Heuvel was in the Netherlands for a while, but he reported voluntarily to the office of the National Detective Agency.

The press release gave no further details, but confirmed that the arrest is linked to the Orca-investigation. This is about the possible bribery by Van den Heuvel of Independent MP Patrick Illidge. A video dated September 30, 2012 – made by Van den Heuvel – shows how he pays an apparent large amount of money to Illidge.

The Bada Bing boss told this newspaper in a phone-interview in March that he made the video at the request of UP-leader Theo Heyliger and that the payment was an installment for a loan.

The story broke after the Telegraaf reported about the video without having seen the footage. A day later The Daily Herald released the video on its website. (See video here on the right column)

Van den Heuvel’s attorney Cor Merx is enraged about the detention of his client who will appear before the Judge of Instruction on Thursday to determine whether his detention is lawful. “I am surprised that he is detained for these charges,”  Merx told this newspaper yesterday. “This is about nothing. Everybody in St. Maarten wants to know whether there was a bribe or not. Though it could still come up, apparently there was no bribe.”

The attorney suspects that the National Detective agency opted for other charges to be able to detain Van den Heuvel. “To detain someone you need a charge that carries a prison sentence of at least four years,” Merx explained. “Bribery carries a maximum sentence of two years, but for money laundering the maximum sentence is twelve years, and for forgery five years.”

According to attorney Merx, the prosecution is using these methods of coercion unlawfully – a point that will be discussed during Van den Heuvel’s appearance before the Judge of Instruction on Thursday. “The charges that are held against my client tight now could have been handled with a fine,” Merx concluded.

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Attorney Merx: “Coercion method is unlawful” - Bada Bing-boss suspected of forgery and money laundering by

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