Attorney General delivers first report on St. Maarten crime patterns

POSTED: 01/12/12 3:45 PM

St. Maarten – Attorney General Dick Piar handed Justice Minister Roland Duncan the first copy of the report ‘Crime Pattern Analysis on St. Maarten’ (CBA) on Wednesday. The report, which took nine months to compile, looks at the root causes, consequences and solutions to crime on St. Maarten. The authors have covered, amongst others, armed robberies, social security fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking and youth criminality.

Duncan says this report, which was done by researchers from the Dutch Police Agency and a senior officer, is the first time that such a scientific study has been done in St. Maarten and the data it provides should prove useful to policy makers who decide on priority areas and funding for crime fighting.

Some 46 organizations were consulted during the report’s compilation. The document itself is the result of consultation among the Attorney Generals of the countries within the kingdom and similar reports have been made for Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire.

One revelation in the report is, “Many government agencies have been unable to keep pace with rapid economic growth. The vast group of illegal migrant workers drawn to St. Maarten as a result of this growth-estimated at more than a third of its population has put St. Maarten infrastructure under pressure.”

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