Attempted manslaughter on old adversary: 55 months in prison

POSTED: 01/27/11 2:33 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Sheldon Marlon Carty to 55 months imprisonment for the attempted manslaughter on Franky G., aka Keto, on September 23 of last year, and for firearm possession. The verdict includes a 5-month reduction for the time Carty spent too long in a police cell.

Franky G.’s own court case is still pending. On January 13th, the court postponed his case until March 23rd, because the prosecutor brought three new charges against him. On June 8th of last year he threatened someone with a gun and stole his scooter, a week later, on June 16th , he fired shots at a man whose cross bike he was stealing and on June 22nd he burglarized a home and shot at one of the residents.
Carty fired six shots at Gomez in September of last year, and hit him in his right lower leg. The shooting occurred at the junction of St. Peters Road, Marigot Hill Road and Apricot Road.
Carty was on his way back home after he bought a newspaper at a gas station.
Carty and Keto have a feud that goes back to 2009 when they had an argument about a scooter. On July 26th of last year Keto threatened Carty’s life when he drove with a van at high speed against his scooter, causing him and a friend such injuries that they had to be taken to the hospital.
Carty claimed that Keto started shooting at him when he saw him on September 23rd, and that he had driven off while firing randomly in his attacker’s direction.
The court rejected the defendant’s self-defense plea because it is unclear whether the earlier incidents between the two adversaries took place as Carty claims they did. Keto told investigators a different story. The court considered that Carty’s brother had warned him about Keto’s presence in St. Peters that day and that the defendant had gone for a spin through the neighborhood in spite of this warning. A witness saw that Carty had stopped his car when he spotted Keto. Shortly after, the shooting started.

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