Attempted manslaughter on girlfriend: 6 years

POSTED: 02/14/13 12:48 PM

St. Maarten – Jason Omar Margarita received a 6-year prison sentence for attempted manslaughter on his girlfriend Sammy Simmons on October 3 of last year. At the trial on January 23, the prosecution demanded 7 years against the 25-year-old defendant.

The court ruling shows that Margarita had an argument with his girlfriend at her house and that the girl had at a certain moment told him to leave. That did not go down well. He first hit the victim with a firearm on her head and thumped her in the face. When the girl attempted to close the door of her room, Margarita fired a shot and hit her in her thigh.

Initially the victim told police that Margarita had shot her. Later she changed her story at the Judge of Instruction where she mentioned another shooter. It appears that she made this statement under pressure from Margarita.

In court the girl admitted that she had lied to the Judge of Instruction – an offense for which she was taken into custody.

Margarita denied all charges during his trial. When the prosecution played a recording of a phone conversation between him and the girl, he denied that it was his voice, even though a police officer recognized the voice as his, and even though the girl admitted in court that she had indeed had this phone conversation with the defendant.

The court is furthermore convinced that margarita shot the girl, simply because there was nobody else in the house. The court also found the defendant guilty of firearm possession.

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