Attackers Devon Otto on trial in February

POSTED: 10/17/13 9:54 AM

St. Maarten – Two men who are charged with attempted murder on Devon Otto in the Pointe Blanche prison on July 20 of this year saw their cases postponed until February 5 of next year yesterday because attorneys still want to hear witnesses at the Judge of Instruction.

Carnicio W., 32, and Nashon F., 28, attacked Otto on Saturday July 20 in the morning during a recreational break – just before the arrival of the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Otto was stabbed several times and had to be rushed to hospital for treatment.

Attorney Geert Hatzmann told the court that there are people in the prison who could still provide important background information. He said that Carnicio W. had been stabbed in the prison by Otto – who is generally considered dangerous, though his attorney  Shaira Bommel said outside the courthouse that her client is not all that dangerous.

Otto, who is originally from St. Kitts, is currently serving the maximum temporary sentence of 30 years for the March 31, 2008, murder of census office employee Stanley Gumbs, an attempt on the life of Louis A. Richardson, aka Sticky, on March 21, 2008, and robbing three American tourists on March 26 of that same year.

He was given an additional 9 years for shooting two other inmates while he was detained in Curacao last year. He was acting as an assassin on behalf of a drugs gang who ordered the hit on one of their rivals. How he received a gun in prison, a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber handgun, remains unresolved.

Carnicio W. told the court that Otto had rushed him in December and that he had attempted to stab him. “A guard witnessed it. I complained to director Rohan but nothing was done about this. The director said he did not get a report from the guard.”

Nashon F., who was sentenced in 2011 to 11 years for three armed robberies, said that the tension between him and Otto started when both were detained in Curacao and that he had been beaten up in Pointe Blanche later while Otto was still in Curacao. “He probably made a phone call to someone to attack me,” he said. “I am W.’s friend, for Otto I am on the wrong side.”

Attorney Hatzmann had his doubts about the prowess of the prison guards. “My impression is that some of them are more like house mothers,” he said.

The court allowed the hearing of witnesses at the Judge of Instruction but he rejected a request by Hatzmann for a psychological evaluation of his client Nashon F.

The attorney said that Otto had asked another inmate to take a phone away from Carnicio W. and that he had refused to give it back. This was probably the reason for the attack on Otto.

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