Athletes warm up for Boardwalk Triathlon

POSTED: 05/28/12 3:37 PM

St. Maarten – Without even knowing exactly who the visiting opponents are, some of the local athletes have been getting in shape to compete in the Boardwalk Triathlon next Sunday.

Early yesterday morning, several men and a few women that will be competing in the Olympic distance which involves swimming a 750 meter triangular course twice took the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the elements opposite the Taloula Mangos.

The annual event which normally attracts athletes from Curacao and Guadeloupe will also involve a sprint distance. In some cases there will be teams of three in addition, some serious individuals, will only be required to complete half the distance in each of the three events which will conclude with the running leg on the Boardwalk.\

Prizes will be handed out to the fastest in the swim, bike and running legs and as long as the members of the various teams stick to their scripts literally, they too will stand a chance of securing a spot on the podium.

The riders to watch will be Mark Maidwell, who stomped his authority in the race up Pic Paradis earlier this year in addition to two road races in the A+ category. John Charles is also a rider with extraordinary potential. The same can be said about Ronan Garnier who can be un stoppable in the sport arena.

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Athletes warm up for Boardwalk Triathlon by

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