Athlete Omarco Robinson: “I am happy to do something positive as a Jamaican”

POSTED: 11/1/12 11:45 AM

St. Maarten – After clinching the top spot in the Fatum Run on St Maarten two weeks ago, Omarco Robinson repeated his winning ways when he placed first in his age group and first overall in the Fatum Loop in Curacao which took place on Sunday with a time of 34 minutes and 8 seconds in the 10k event.
Finishing in the number two spot from Aruba was Ronald Staring with a time of 34.27, third was Simon Alvarado from Panama in 36. 30, before Argiomar Nahr from Curacao in 36.53 and Jean Andrew Fingal from Aruba in 37.31.
Robinson has been a force to reckon with in the long distance events since his emergence into the competitive arena on St Maarten. In the 2011 Fatum Run, he had to settle for the second place but he has since remained unbeaten in his local and international events including one in Curacao lately.
“I feel good representing St Maarten as a Jamaican in a positive way, at least this time, people will not have anything negative to say about a Jamaican,” Robinson said. But to finish first from a field of over 5,000 participants was not exactly a walk in the park.
“This time, I made sure that I was positioned at the front of the field for the start because last year, I was registering when the race started,’ he said. According to Robinson, after the first mile, he was in the third spot but after a little over two miles into the race, he was in the lead and feeling comfortable.
“At least three times I was attacked with about 500 meters to go but all I had to do was to match their strides and then step up mine and they could not keep up with mine,” he added. But even after crossing the line first, Robinson was a little uneasy because Gael Le Floch, the female winner of the Fatum Run was not in the race.
“As an athlete, you are not supposed to be afraid to lose, she did not turn up and I was disappointed,” he pointed out. Now with an addition to his already impressive accolade Robinson has other events on his agenda and that include a10k in St Kitts on November 18 and he is also contemplating doing another event in St Barths. “My objective is to end the year on a winning note,” he concluded.

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Athlete Omarco Robinson: “I am happy to do something positive as a Jamaican” by

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