Aruban organ builder wins million in national lottery

POSTED: 01/4/13 1:07 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao — The one-million of the New Year’s draw from the State Lottery went to Aruba with winning number 23415. Interim-director Dudley Lucia happened to hear an interview with winner Buchi on the radio. “He’s been using the same number for ages and I understood he bought 10 lottery tickets at 160 guilders each and thus won the entire amount of one million.” Lucia stated he doesn’t know what the rules are on Aruba, but on Curaçao this amount is untaxed. The winner of the New Year draw is an organ builder by profession. He builds kahanan di orgel for Aruba and Curaçao. The second prize (18024), the third prize (20700) and the Jackpot were drawn on Curaçao though. Lucia is satisfied with the sale of the New Year’s lottery tickets. In total, 88.8 percent was sold compared to 85.3 percent in 2011. “This is a new record compared to the results of the last ten years”, Lucia concluded with contentment. His target was 90 percent. Lucia aims for a higher percentage this year together with the employees and lottery sale people.

“The competition is considerable, certainly with the online lottery games. In February 2012 the State Lottery presented a proposal to the Board of Commissioners to change the prize schedule in order to get more winning numbers. “This will increase the chance of people winning a prize. In that case there’d be no Jackpot because the amount will be divided among more winning numbers.

The proposal ensues from the results of a survey held among buyers and sales people. The prize schedule proposal will have to be tested and approved before it can be enforced in the form of a national decree. “We know the minister of finance has other priorities at the moment but on the other hand the State Lottery belongs to the people and this is what they want.”

More young people have started selling lottery tickets the past years. It is certainly a lucrative business as a job on the side. A sales person gets almost 25 guilders for every whole lottery ticket sold for the New Year’s draw.


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