Aruba moves towards registered partnership

POSTED: 09/16/15 10:02 PM

ORANJESTAD – During the upcoming handling of the new civil code of Aruba amendments will be submitted for the implementation of the registered partnership, Ariën Rasmijn reports on Caribisch Netwerk.

After one-and-a-half year of lobbying with ministers and fellow Members of Parliament, MP Desiree de Sousa-Croes will submit these amendments. She expects that at least the registration of the partnership at the census office stands a good chance to be approved by the majority faction of the AVP.

De Sousa-Croes does not expect a majority for the implementation of same sex marriage. She will still submit the amendment for it and hopes that Aruban politicians will go for it in the future.

For Maikel Kelly, chairman of the gay lobby association Alfa it is important that LBGT-couples in Aruba get the opportunity to regulate joint ownership of houses via the registered partnership.

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