Aruba inaugurates tram

POSTED: 12/28/12 12:50 PM

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – Last Saturday heavy rainfall spoiled the party, but on Monday Aruba’s tram was able to make a festive inaugural drive through the town. Prime Minister Mike Eman and fellow Minister Benny Sevinger were on board for the occasion. Eman said that the heart of the whole of Aruba is now beating again, after chairwoman Audrey Laclé had said earlier that the heart of the shopping street in Oranjestad is beating again. Eman asked applause for minister Sevinger and the project team. “Many thought that this project was not feasible, but now everyone is able to see it working. Thank you for your perseverance Benny.”

Sevinger said that the inauguration is an important moment for Aruba. “today we have reached a crucial point in our development.” The tram is part of a city-renovation plan his party started working on while it was still in the opposition. “This is not just about renovating main street with new clinkers. There were four bottlenecks: insufficient parking space, tourists did not get to the end of the street, monuments were too much spread out and there was a need for long term investments.

The tram solves all this, Sevinger said. “Visitors are able to leave their cars in a parking garage and hop on the tram to go to work or to go shopping. Tourists are able to get on at the port and ride all the way to the end of the street. This is an investment that will last us at least thirty years.”

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