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POSTED: 02/19/13 12:31 PM
Art Of Living
International teacher of the Art of Living Foundation Dushyant Savadia addressing the participants of Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. 

St. Maarten – The Art of Living Foundation added an important ingredient to the activities of Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) with a discussion on the topic “Living a stress free life”.

“In the modern world being intelligent alone is no longer an edge but when intelligence is combined with intuition, skills and creativity that gives added advantage to every individual and brings success in life,” international teacher of the foundation, Dushyant Savadia said to the youth.

He told the 124 participants ages 14-18, that while intelligence can be gathered easily through studying, internet or even life experiences, intuition and creativity can only be experienced if the mind is calm and centred.

He said the seven secrets to success and advised the youth to put more emphasis on these for better productivity from life. He mentioned that the youth need to be more aware of their body. If the system is stress the body reacts through dullness, lethargy and procrastination.

They also need to put more attention on physical exercises and sports. The second, he mentioned is breath, he explained how every emotion has a corresponding pattern of breath and by controlling the breath and learning how to breathe better one can get better control over their mind and body. Third he said, is their own mind.

Due to stress and tension the mind becomes blunt and affects how we perceive in life. Forth he said is their intellect. He said the ability of making good decisions has such an influence on their success too. But due to stress and tension our ability to make good clear and fast decisions is also impeded.

He then focused the attention on memory. “Under stress our access to our own memory is affected and so does our retention ability,” Savadia said.

He explained to them about ego and how to channel their energies constructively to make the most of their youth and to lead them towards becoming better world citizens. He suggested to the youth to take the Art of Living’s Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES) course which provides all the tools to combat stress through very powerful breathing exercises, meditation and physical stretches.

Art of Living is a not-for-profit, educational and humanitarian non-governmental organisation engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. The organisation operates globally in 152 countries.

RYLA hosted 124 participants ages 14-18 from Anguilla, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Tortola who are to take part in a conference this weekend. Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams and Minister of Education, Silveria Jacobs were present and gave words of encouragement and wished the participants a successful conference.

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