Art Lovers opens gallery in Porto Cupecoy

POSTED: 05/3/12 4:50 PM

CUPECOY – An art renaissance is taking place in earnest on the Dutch side with the opening of the Art Lovers’ Exhibition Space in Porto Cupecoy Plaza. More than 20 painters, potters, photographers and other artisans populate the space that will officially open on Friday, May 4 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm with a reception for the public.

Artists from both sides of the island are part of the opening exhibition designed to stimulate the mind and evoke the senses in the casual lookers, the art collectors and the lovers of the abstract. All the pieces on display will be on sale. The opening will also provide a unique opportunity to interact with a number of the artists about their work, inspiration and life.

President of Art Lovers Association Claudine Gallet says the exhibition space allows for artists from both sides of the island to get additional exposure in the fairly new neighbourhood of Porto Cupecoy. Adding another facet to the exhibition is the inclusion of a select few artists like Petros from Dominica, Lexiane Edmond of Martinique, and Kro of French Guyana.

The Dutch side art scene had flagged a bit in the past years with the majority of artists congregating on the French side where they established their studios, galleries and home bases. The need to jolt the Dutch side art scene to another level was recognised from the annual staging of Art Lovers Weekend in March. Essentially an open invitation to visit the studios, work spaces and homes of the majority of artists on the island, the “weekend” saw a proliferation of opening of the French side as the Dutch side numbers dwindled.

The Art Lovers Association decided that this year had the right mixture to open an exhibition space on the Dutch side with the hope that more artists based on that side will be encourage to share their talents and creations with the public. Some Dutch side based artists are already part of the association and will show their art on Friday.

On the line up for Friday’s opening are artists Antoine Chapon, Ariane Lespagnol, Bastien, Claudine Gallet, Corinna Trimborn, Debbie Curven, Didier Rouxel, Francis Eck, Gersha Hendrickson, Henri-Charles Verdier, Jacky Didier, Jean Vallette, Jean Pierre Straub, Lorette Kasuba, Milan Mahtani, Mounette Radot, Norma Trimborn, Patty Meotti, Paul Elliot, Roland Richardson, Jill, Stéphanie Tihanyi, Tees Verheij, Tumay Yalcin, Yolande Charrier, Lisa, and Nicole de Corgnol.

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