Arrindell eyes certification for foreign security officers

POSTED: 04/10/13 11:42 AM

St. Maarten – United People’s (UP) Party Parliamentarian drs. Gracita Arrindell used the opportunity presented during yesterday’s continuation of first round central committee deliberations on the draft 2013 Budget to express her concerns about foreigners who are employed as security officers. She suggested that immigrant security workers submit a mental health certificate and that their police records be verified in various countries.

“The Ministry of Justice does not verify the police records of persons employed with security companies. These people are supposed to protect the business and institutions that they guard. If we don’t verify their police records, and most of them come from different islands, it is time that we check the police records and request a background check in terms of their mental capacity,” Arrindell stated.

“The brutal murder that took place by the security guard last year was exactly what it was; brutal. The brutal murder of young baby Reid was exactly that; brutal. These people’s minds are twisted,” Arrindell commented, adding that nowhere in the budget is it stated that provisions have been made for the regulation of the security industry.

Arrindell charged Justice Minister Roland Duncan to make known his plans for the regulation of security agencies soon. Her remarks were tempered with examples of crimes committed by immigrant security officers including the death of 2 month old infant Mark Reid Jr. reportedly at the hands of a Sheriff Security officer buy valium tablets uk last week and the murders of American tourists Mike and Thelma King, allegedly by a Checkmate Security officer and two other men, last September. In both cases the accused are currently before the courts.

“I just hope this is not the trend. How far is the minister with his proposal to regulate security companies? We have over 1200 persons working as security on our island. Does that make me or anyone else feel safer? I don’t think so. Please inform Parliament of the status of this proposal, will it be bi-partisan?” Arrindell questioned.

The Parliamentarian wrote to Minister Duncan in October with 10 questions about the unregulated security industry. The Minister responded in December and the issue of security agencies eventually became part of the January’s parliamentary agenda at the request of the UP faction. However the session was adjourned.

Duncan’s response to the MP confirmed that there is currently no collaboration between the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Justice on the establishment of security companies.

“We need to know the backgrounds of these people who we are bringing to this country to protect our institutions and commit these horrific crimes.”

The man in police custody for the murder of Mark Reid Jr. was actually born on St. Maarten to Dominican parents. Of the three men standing trial for the King murders, one is a St. Maartener, one Guyanese and the main suspect is Jamaican.

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