Arrindell criticizes wandering politicians

POSTED: 08/8/11 12:23 PM

St. Maarten – Parliament President Gracita Arrindell expressed her dissatisfaction with parliamentarians who make a habit of leaving the meeting room when Parliament is in session. “It is disrespectful to third parties and to ministers who come to Parliament,” she said yesterday morning on Radio Soualiga, adding that she will be stricter in enforcing the rules of order during the upcoming parliamentary year.  “Three quarters of the time they are sitting with the media,” Arrindell complained, lamenting “the image this portrays.”

Asked by radio host Eddie Williams about the performance of the members of her own UP-faction in Parliament, Arrindell initially reacted by saying, “Why are you looking for trouble?’ before admitting that the faction members had been rather passive during the first nine months in office. “Most MPs are new, and they have participated in a passive manner, but you will see a more active participation this year,” she said

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