Arrindell congratulates Safe Haven staff

POSTED: 09/21/11 12:53 PM

St. Maarten – President of Parliament drs Gracita Arrindell has congratulated Safe Haven staff for their recent completion of a six-month course on Domestic Violence. The training, which was offered by the foundation’s board to upgrade staff knowledge and to improve support services to the clients, covered how to define domestic abuse; how to recognize the signs of abuse; new methods on how to work with victims; and how to support a victim of abuse.
“This week I have been busy reviewing our planning for the coming months with respect to Parliament Central Committee meetings, and Safe Haven is on our list of social-civic organizations to be invited to provide information to members of parliament with respect to the role of the organization and the state of affairs with respect to domestic violence on the island. It is important that organizations such as Safe Haven are at the forefront of offering professional assistance to victims of relational/domestic violence,” Arrindell stated in a release.
The foundation is one record that domestic abuse is reaching epidemic proportions worldwide, including in St. Maarten.
“I again take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of all the victims of violence including the family, school friends and neighbours of the late Tiffany Reid (13),” Arrindell added.
Reid was laid to rest Monday and her father remains in custody as the prime suspect in her murder.

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