Arrindell: additional exchange of information with The Hague

POSTED: 06/12/13 1:04 PM

St. Maarten – UP-MP Gracita Arrindell supports the idea of additional exchange of information with the parliamentary committees of the First and Second Chamber in The Hague.

“I fully support the idea that was presented by Dutch Socialist Party (SP) Member of Parliament Ronald van Raak to have the Ministers Plenipotentiary of the various countries in the Kingdom share their views on different topics to the Dutch Parliament’s Permanent Committee for Kingdom Relations,” Arrindell stated in a press release issued yesterday.

“I believe this avenue will create further constructive and factual dialogue between the two countries, and would be a healthy way to further improve relations within the Dutch Kingdom.

Our people read all the negative comments coming out of Holland in our papers, and not much good comments. Much of this is based on the lack of factual information that the Dutch MPs don’t have and is more of political rhetoric of appeasement,” she added.

Rather than focusing more on the negatives, the focus and emphasis should also be placed on the positives, MP Arrindell stated. “There are a lot of positive things going on and happening within our communities. The more information that is provided, the better the understanding between the countries of the issues and challenges that is faced by small island developing nations.”

Even though the Dutch Parliament is not a Kingdom Parliament and serves the interests of The Netherlands, there is room for improving the information flow with facts about developments and the first step should be taken by Sint Maarten, the MP finds.

“Our Minister Plenipotentiary could contact the Chair of the Dutch Permanent Committee for Kingdom Relations and ask about which issues the members of the committee would like to receive additional information or clarification. This is our Kingdom, Country Sint Maarten is an integral part and we have a role to play.”


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