Arnel: Collectivité continues with the same development program

POSTED: 07/15/13 11:53 AM

ArnelMARIGOT, St. Martin – The same governing program that was prepared by the combined parties in the Triple R Group is continued by the Collectivite, said Vice President Guillaume Arnel.

“The only thing that has changed since the former President Alain Richardson was forced out of office is that “we have to deal with a difficult financial situation,” Arnel added.

When there is a slow cash flow within government one has to be realistic and understand that no major developments can be done and described this as “moving with the tide.” During this period the government focuses on smaller projects so that the community is cognizant of the fact that even though there are financial difficulties “things are still happening in the communities,” he said.

He spoke of some of the developments and pointed out that at the City Hall there have been some development such as upgrading of the interior of the building and have made available much needed parking for the President and the Vice President and the remainder of the Executive Branch which resulted in the area being more functional. Unlike in the past where elected to government had to search for parking in the entire Marigot area has changed. They now have access to their designated parking which is in the vicinity of the City Hall.

Among the projects that were undertaken was the resurfacing of the road to the Le Galion Beach and work is continuing on the Coralita Road and the resurfacing of the road to St. Louis. He noted that in a few weeks they will be inaugurating a new bus station in the Marigot area which was needed for a long time. “These are some of the things that are happening that the people in the various districts are aware of and have expressed their gratitude to the Collectivite for the development in their particular district,” said Arnel.

He noted that even though the overall development plan has been outlined to the various district councils there are still some concerns although they have given to them the entire urban development plan. However, they are now looking at the projection of what the communities will look like in 15 or 20 years with new roads and infrastructure.

The continuation of the former Alain Richardson, government is now approaching the development “with more forcefulness” with the participation of the people. They have also formed the new Junior Territorial Council with a new perspective and along with the District Council where they are hoping to find a balance between the government and the people, he said.

With this new approach it is their hope that they will be able to cross “all these obstacles”  which has in the past preventing them from moving forward faster and will give the people of the island a new sense of direction and the people a new sense of belonging.

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