Armed robbery suspect Omar N. escapes from Pointe Blanche

POSTED: 03/21/11 6:06 PM

St. Maarten – Two days after his first court appearance Omar Smith N. escaped from the Pointe Blanche prison between Saturday evening seven o’clock and yesterday morning ten o’clock. Nelson was scheduled to go on trial for his role in the death of Dutchman Wouter-Jan Romeijn on October 16 of last year, for an armed robbery in Galis Bay, car theft, the robbery of a pizza deliveryman on March 6 and gun possession.

According to a press release issued by prison director Rudsel Ricardo yesterday the watch commander at Pointe Blanche received a tip around ten o’clock in the morning that N. had escaped from the facility’s Gijzelaar section.

“After a short investigation it was discovered that Omar N. had sawed through one of the bars and climbed onto the roof,” Ricardo reported in his press release. “Once on the roof he sawed through a metal opening used for getting air. He jumped from the roof of the Gijzelaar section and landed on the blade wire of the female section. He then jumped down onto the prison premises and climbed over the exterior fence.”

Ricardo called the detective department to investigate the escape, “because all three lookout points are manned 24 hours per day.”

According to the press release, N. escaped between seven o’clock Saturday evening and ten o’clock yesterday morning.

Prison staff has started to repair the bars the escapee sawed through.

Omar N. is a 20-year-old Dutch Quarter resident. During his appearance in court on Friday afternoon he displayed a disinterested attitude towards Judge Keppels, uttering expressions like “you check?” and “you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.”

N. is also accused of membership of a criminal organization. Four other gang members were in court last Wednesday. Though none of these defendants was involved in the death of Wouter-Jan Romeijn on October 16, other charges against these defendants inspired the prosecution to demand prison sentences varying from 38 months to 10 years against them.

Omar N. is scheduled to appear in court on May 11, together with St. Maartener Alescio E.V. (21), and two co-suspects from the French side, Stevie A.R. (24), and Julio Cesar E.-V. (22).

According to a press release issued later yesterday afternoon by the police and the office of the public prosecutor, Omar N. has confessed his role in the majority of the crimes he is accused of.

Romeijn, who worked as a tent master for Circque du Soleil in the United States was in St. Maarten last year to visit his brother, was assaulted by a gang on October 16, beaten up and thrown in the back of a car – apparently with the intention to drive him to an ATM and to force him to withdraw money. But Romeijn managed to free himself from the trunk and either jumped or fell out of the vehicle. He later succumbed to his injuries. According to one internet-report, Romeijn was wanted by the police in Brazil where he worked with Cirque du Soleil in Rio de Janeiro.

The police and the prosecutor’s office released pictures of the escapee. “Given the current situation on St. Maarten, with several fatal crimes under investigation, the public prosecutor considers it proper to inform the public as much as it can.”

The prosecutor’s office calls upon the public to be on the lookout for the escapee and to inform the police about his whereabouts, and stated: “The prosecutor’s office also calls upon the suspect himself to stop his useless flight, since this will probably bring him into more problems.”


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