Armed robbery case postponed

POSTED: 05/11/12 12:53 PM

St. Maarten – Derick Delan W. has spent already 199 days in pretrial custody as a suspect in last year’s October 24 armed robbery at the Jewels are Forever jewelry store on Front Street and he will remain behind bars at least until July 18 when his trial will continue.

The paltry loot from the robbery was a gold colored bracelet, four gold rings and a set of gold earrings.

The defendant’s attorney mr. Geert Hatzmann asked the court to end his pretrial detention because his lengthy stay at firs at the police station, then Pointe Blanche and the Simpson Bay House of Detention and more recently again the police station entitles him to so much sentence reduction that he has served all but four months of his time already.

mr. Hatzmann noted that his client had been beaten up on four different occasions during his detention and that he had almost lost an eye during one of these encounters. “He was even attacked in the sick bay at Pointe Blanche.”

Prosecutor Bennamar dismissed the attorneys “creative calculation” of the possible sentence reduction. “And then saying that four months for an armed robbery is enough? That is going too far,” she said, adding that she objected to ending the defendant’s pretrial detention.

Judge mr. Monique Keppels postponed the trial until July 18 to allow for the hearing of a witness in the case, even though the defendant indicated that he was ready to proceed. The judge rejected the request to end the pretrial detention.

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