Armed robber sent to jail for seven years

POSTED: 11/22/12 1:46 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Montell Macdonald yesterday to 7 year imprisonment for three armed robberies and firearm possession. The just 18-year-old defendant robbed the Man Chung supermarket on December 22 of last year; on January 3 he committed two robberies: on the Dessam supermarket in St. Peters and on the Sunshine supermarket located on the Genip road. He robbed the stores of at least $1,500.

Macdonald was arrested on May 25, after police chased a car he was driving. At a certain moment he stopped and ran away from the car. Police found a Smith and Wesson magnum 357 revolver under the driver’s seat. Macdonald was later found hiding in the car’s vicinity.

On December 22 the defendant robbed the Man Chung supermarket on the L.B. Scott Road. Together with an unidentified second man, Macdonald stole $1,000 from the cash registers, whereby he threatened the cashier with his gun.

On January 3, Macdonald hit the Dessam supermarket on his own, where he threatened the owner with a gun and forcing him to put the contents of the cash register in a plastic bag. All in all, the store lost $500 during this robbery.

On the same day, Macdonald robbed the Sunshine supermarket where he took an undisclosed amount of money and a cell phone. He threatened the owner’s wife with his gun, pushed her behind the counter and forces her to open the cash register. He also searched the woman’s clothing and ripped a cell phone out of her hands.
Video footage from all three robberies pinned the crimes on Macdonald. He was also recognized by his victims in photo confrontations.


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