Armed robber gets 4 years

POSTED: 06/20/13 11:07 AM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Randy Kevin Scotland to 4 years imprisonment for an attempted armed robbery at the Peoples Supermarket on Zagersgut Road on January 3, and two burglaries. Of the sentence, 1 year is suspended and the court imposed 3 years of probation. The punishment is higher than the 42 months prosecutor Dounia Benammar demanded at the trial on May 29.

On December 13 of last year Scotland broke into a house on St. Peters Road where he stole a flatscreen TV. Earlier that year, on August 6, he broke into the building of a company on Illidge Road where he made off with a laptop, a charger, two pairs of sunglasses, a camera and earplugs.
During the robbery at the Peoples Supermarket Scotland threatened a man with a firearm. But the robbery fell flat when a cashier grabbed a machete from behind the counter and swung it in the direction of the robbers, causing them to flee the place. Outside Scotland hit a security guard with the gun on his head.

The court rejected Scotland’s argument that he had only been the lookout during the robbery. He told the court that two men forced him to take part in the robbery and to dress in exactly the same pants and shoes as they were wearing. The court did not believe these statements, also because Scotland hardly gave any information about the two other men, while he also made different statements about them.

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