Armed bandit robs Sheik and St. Peters corner supermarket

POSTED: 02/23/15 1:07 AM

St. Maarten —Two Chinese supermarkets in the St. Peters area were robbed by an armed masked man last week.

Between 03.10 p.m. and 03.20 p.m. the unknown man with his face covered and brandishing a firearm first robbed Sheik Supermarket and shortly after robbed the Sint Peters Corner Supermarket.

According to Police Inspector Ricardo Henson during these robberies the suspect threatened to use his firearm and succeeded in taking an unknown amount of cash from both of the supermarkets.  “After committing these acts the suspect took off running. Several patrols were sent to the area to search for the suspect. During this search a suspicious vehicle was located on the Marigot Hill road. In the vehicle several items were found which indicated that this vehicle was possibly used as a “get away vehicle.” These items along with the vehicle were confiscated for further investigation by the Special Robbery Unit. No suspect in this case has been arrested far,” Henson explained.


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Armed bandit robs Sheik and St. Peters corner supermarket by

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