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POSTED: 09/21/12 1:18 PM

GREAT BAY – The temperature in the upstairs courtroom at the courthouse in Philipsburg has gone beyond reasonable – and that is probably the understatement of the century. When the new resident Judge mr. Tamara Tijhuis took office in August, she routinely switched off the system because the courtroom was too cold. That system was abandoned on the questionable argument that air conditioners get damaged when they are constantly switched on an off.

Yesterday, like, Wednesday, the air conditioning was blowing extremely cold air into the courtroom. Prosecutors and judges shivered, reporters started looking like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and in general the atmosphere in the courtroom became more miserable as time went by. Yesterday in was decided at 12.30 p.m., after the court had been in session for 3.5 hours, to finally shut down the system.

To assess the situation, Today placed a thermometer in the courtroom yesterday. As the picture shows, the temperature went as low as 14 or at best 14.5 degrees Celsius (57 to 58 Fahrenheit). Spending hours upon hours in such conditions results in near-frozen fingers, toes and noses and above all in a general feeling of discomfort.

The subject has been brought up before by this newspaper – up to the point where we suggested that there is very good medicine on the market to combat the effects of the menopause – but the courthouse keeps its temperatures at arctic levels. The monthly Gebe-bill must be astronomical.

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  1. Insultive says:

    Mr Editor ,

    That last paragraph is rather insulting and sexist. Not even your mother would appreciate that. I am sure your reporter could have done a better job in a writing a more suitable conclusion . In addition, the article is very poorly worded .