Aqualectra needs millions to get out of trouble

POSTED: 10/5/12 1:07 PM

WILLEMSTAD — Utilities company Aqualectra urgently needs 230 million guilders ($128.5 million) to resolve its financial problems, Stanley Betrian’s interim government concluded after a meeting with director Darick Jonis.
Jonis said that Aqualectra has two priorities and the first one is to comply with the company’s financial responsibilities and secondly to create the necessary climate to get funds for investments.
Prime Minister Betrian announced during the parliament meeting that he had spoken with Jonis and will continue to do so. They will analyze the measures proposed by the director to safeguard the company and also to restore relations between Aqualectra and Curoil.
Currently, Aqualectra’s debt is calculated at 80 million guilders ($44.7 million).
The director is well-aware there is the need to create a good investment climate for the company to get the necessary funds. The critical point is that Aqualectra must invest. “Better yesterday than tomorrow” Jonis said.

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