Appeal accessory murder Amador Jones today

POSTED: 03/6/13 11:45 AM

St. Maarten – The appeal of Akeem Daniel against his conviction to 9 years for his role in the murder of Amador Jones on April 16, 2011 was postponed yesterday until today, because the arrest team was unable to bring Carlos Richardson to court to be heard as a witness. Since Richardson is in court tomorrow anyway – in a pro forma hearing leading up to his own appeal against a life sentence – the court decided after quite some deliberations to move the case to this afternoon.

The Court in First Instance found Daniel guilty of taking Omax Bye, aka Mad Max, on his bike to the Under the Sun car wash and snack bar on the Gladiola Road. Bye fatally shot Omar Jones. After the killing, Bye fled on the bike with Daniel from the scene. The killer had been promised $20,000 for the hit by Hector Miguel Arrindell, who would be murdered himself by Omar Jones and Carlos Richardson on May 25.

The Court in First Instance acquitted Daniel of complicity, but found that he had made his bike available and that he had driven Bye to the murder scene.

Attorney Cor Merx wants to hear Richardson as a witness because he has in the meantime withdrawn part of his statement that ultimately led to Daniel’s conviction.

Merx said that Solicitor-General Mr. Taco Stein charged his client yesterday again with complicity. “That cannot be part of the appeal anymore because my client has been acquitted of that charge,” the attorney said.

Daniel, in the meantime, was taken into custody in August of last year while he was in jail as a suspect in the December 30, 2009 murder of Eric Yuan Sam, the manager of the Afoo supermarket in Dutch Quarter. After ten days investigators had to let go, because they were unable to make the case against Daniel.

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