Apartment owner loses lawsuit about arrears

POSTED: 03/10/16 6:52 PM

St. Maarten News – Patricia Ivana Santos lost a lawsuit about unpaid rent against Olivier Arrindell last week.

Santos and her in the meantime deceased partner Jan Marshall demanded that Arrindell vacate an apartment in Porto Cupecoy and that the tenant be sentenced to the payment of $10,365 in rent arrears.

The Court in First Instance rejected these claims last year, because there is “insufficient certainty” about the existence of the rent arrears. The court also found that it is uncertain whether a demand to vacate the premises would get the nod of approval in a regular procedure.

Arrindell claimed last year in court that he had paid already $7,500 in cash and that he wished to balance the difference with his deposit and the last month of rent he had already paid.

The court ruled last week again that the rent arrears are “insufficiently plausible” and that therefore granting the vacation demand in a regular procedure is not plausible either.

The court therefore rejected Santos’ appeal against last year’s ruling.

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