Answers speak of 200 vehicles – Government lists almost a hundred cars

POSTED: 02/28/12 1:35 PM

GREAT BAY – The government of St. Maarten had 95 cars and trucks on its balance sheet per the end of last year. The vehicles have a combined replacement value of 7.1 million guilders ($3.9 million). After depreciation, the car fleet is on the balance sheet for just over 2 million guilders ($1.1 million). The figures stem from the draft 2012 budget.

The Chrysler 300C Hemi – the vehicle of the Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams –cost 40,420 guilders ($22,455) in 2007, but after depreciation it is now on the books for a mere 8,084 guilders ($4,491).

Members of the Council of Ministers are driving cars that are almost 65 percent more expensive than the Prime Minister’s wheels. Their Hyundai Veracruzs have a replacement value of 66,600 guilders ($37,000).

Of the complete car fleet, 33 vehicles have been depreciated to zero. More than half of the fleet (57 vehicles) was not bought outright by the government but obtained on a lease buy valium london contract.

The most expensive set of wheels sit on an E-One ladder truck of the fire brigade. It came with a price tag of just over 1 million guilders ($555,000).

While the budget states that the government has 100 cars answers provided to MPs on Monday state that government has 200 cars excluding fire trucks, motor bikes and heavy duty caterpillars. Ensuring there is no abuse of government vehicles is a responsibility of the secretaries general. They also indicate when they need a new vehicle.

According the answers provided the government also plans to replace 40 percent of its fleet in 2012 because they will either reach or surpass five years of use. Two million guilders has been set aside in the capital expenditure budget to acquire the new vehicles. The new acquisitions will save the government on money on repair costs.

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