Another suspect released in Oro Diamante jewelry store robbery investigation

POSTED: 08/26/15 2:56 PM

St. Maarten – 18 year old J.J was released from pre-trail detention this past weekend according to Press Prosecutor Karola van Nie who said the suspect is no longer needed in relation to this case.  The suspect was arrested along with three others in St. Peters during a house search earlier this month were police found among the four suspects the second culprit who took part in the robbery of the Ore Diamante jewelry store on August 5, that led to the death of Police Sergeant Gamali Benjamin.

J.J was suspected of harboring a fugitive however it seemed that the 18-year-old student was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Police stormed the home on Monday August 10 and apprehended the four persons it found there. “Three suspects are in custody now,” says the press prosecutor who also added that the investigation is still ongoing.

In custody is R.D also known as local rapper Kilo Gotti, J.L who was with Gotti on August 5 and robbed the store and another suspect that has not been named. However, sources close to the investigation say that the suspect is best friends with the other two and resides at the home in St. Peters were police found the second suspect. A multi-disciplinary team consisting of members of the police, the National Detective Agency and the Detective Collaboration Team RST is still working on the investigation.


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Another suspect released in Oro Diamante jewelry store robbery investigation by

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