Animals are friends: Everyone ages

POSTED: 10/9/11 10:12 PM

Everyone ages. It’s just a fact of life. But sadly when it comes to dogs, all too often a senior dog is simply thrown away; abandoned by their guardians at the time when they need them the most.Why you ask? Because they are in the way.
In this throw-away age when everything has to be quick and immediate, a sick senior dog can weigh down some guardians to the point they simply can’t be bothered anymore. Sometimes at least they dump them at a shelter. They convince themselves that someone else will adopt their discarded dog. But sadly, the vast majority of those thrown-away dogs end up being killed because nobody else wants to take on that responsibility either.
Other times these precious lives are just thrown out on the side of the road, left to fend for themselves when they have no skills to even think of doing that. These dogs will stay where they’ve been dumped, waiting faithfully for the guardians to return, not realizing that they are no longer wanted and are nothing more than a bother to that family to whom they have been so devoted.
It’s so incredibly heartbreaking to see these lost souls, longing for their homes and family, lost in confusion about why they’ve been abandoned, having done nothing wrong; having only committed the sin of aging or being sick. Such is the case of Shasta, a 15-year-old Aussie mix who was found as a stray in Martinsburg, WV. No one knows Shasta’s full story. But this sweet girl has a huge tumor growing from her head that is ugly. She was brought into Berkeley County Animal Control, who notified Noah’s Arks Rescue about her. She clearly has had no one care for a very long time, being sick, filthy, smelly and basically having given up on humans and even worse, on life itself. She was to be killed that very night due to lack of space and the fact that she was a senior and not likely to be adopted with that nasty tumor.
Jennifer Smith, the President of Noah’s Arks Rescue, has a huge heart for all discarded and badly abused animals. They were already going to this facility to pick up yet another injured animal when she learned about Shasta. Jennifer knew that there was no way Shasta could just be killed so heartlessly after clearly being a devoted companion to someone at one point in her life. As Jennifer said, she matters. All life matters. Even knowing how expensive it would be to get this precious girl the medical attention she needed, there was no way she could be left behind.
Shasta is missing an eye and is virtually blind in the other one. She’s deaf for the most part. She has that awful tumor coming from her head. But through all of that ugliness, Jennifer saw the beauty of that special life, and the need to help her. Now it’s time for all advocates who have ever loved a senior or sick companion animal to step up and help with the care for Shasta. Who knows how long this gentle girl will live? But during what time she has left, she deserves to know that not all humans are monsters and not all want to harm her. She needs to know tenderness, love and compassion. She needs to know in her own heart that joy and love can be a part of her life again, even for just a small bit of time.
Thank heavens for people like Jennifer and Noah’s Arks Rescue for seeing beauty where others see just bother, and for caring enough to take on the responsibility of helping those who have been harmed by other humans. Every life truly does matter, no matter how old or infirm. Every animal deserves to know love.

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