Animal Welfare Foundation releases 2012-figures: More than one thousand pets sterilized last year

POSTED: 01/29/13 1:11 PM

GREAT BAY – The St. Maarten Animal Welfare Foundation sterilized 1,012 mostly female pets last year and collected 651 unwanted, stray, or injured animals, including goats, pigs, cows and birds. This appears from the foundation’s annual report that was released to the media yesterday.

The foundation made 1,217 house calls for emergencies, taxi-assistance, consultations and mange treatments. It treated 93 dogs for mange and managed to place 138 animals with adoption-families.

Furthermore, the foundation published Kind News, an educational newspaper geared towards responsible pet ownership is provided free for every Dutch side school child according to their reading level and distributed bi-monthly to the schools; this is supported by our government subsidy. Volunteers are also sent to the schools to talk with the students about responsible pet ownership as well as the value of spaying and or neutering their pets.

The foundation held four public awareness campaigns including our annual dog show, various dog walks and community service opportunities for volunteers at the schools. There was a wine tasting party in February; this year AWF will add a “Spay-ghetti and No balls” dinner to assist with its four sterilization campaigns.

“We are very pleased with our figures,” says foundation president Su Wathey, It’s so fantastic to see we did over one thousand spays/neuters this year. To see an increase in sterilizations and adoptions with the number of unwanted animals down from previous years, “It’s wonderful to know that we are getting the word out and receiving the support from the community. Even though donations are down we can still do these numbers. What I would really like to find is a corporate sponsor who would take us under its wing.”

The Animal Welfare Foundation works solely through donations from the community. It receives a small subsidy from government which pays for the Kind News for Dutch side school children.


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Animal Welfare Foundation releases 2012-figures: More than one thousand pets sterilized last year by

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  1. susan griffin says:

    we visit st. maarten once a year. this year we noticed so few stray dogs wandering around the island. hopefuly, these dogs were not killed just because they were stray or homeless. we leave a donation every year at the Shipwreck stores and 2 yrs. ago we both purchased a t-shirt with your dog/cat picture/logo on. we were sad to see we could not purchase these same shirts this year at the stores. if you know where we could get same t-shirts, please let us know. also, please advise us to where all the stray dogs have disappeared too?? it was nice to not see as many wandering the island though, just hope they were not killed.

  2. joe T says:

    We are in st maartin now and have noticed a lot of stray dogs. At first we did not see many. As we drove around we saw many. I have given many of them food as we came upon them. I will see if I can donate some money before I go. If I can find the organization.