Anicette wins Ms. Pitchounette 2012

POSTED: 02/6/12 2:43 PM

MARIGOT – Crowd favorite Tiffany Annicette beat out three other contestants on Sunday to become Ms. Pitchounette 2012 for St. Martin’s carnival festivities. Eight year old Annicette got the judges nod for outstanding talent, best princess (evening) gown and best carnival costume, amassing a total of 626 points. She also copped the title of Ms. Popularity based on crowd appeal and was recognized as the contestant that sold the most tickets, presenting herself as a “true ambassador” for Festivité Carnavalesque de Saint Martin (FCDSM).

Annicette was sashed and crowned at the Salle Omni Sports Auditorium in Galisbay amidst cheers from her supporters, who represented more than 60% of the audience. From the first time the petite queen took to the catwalk in her introductory segment, the crowd chanted “contestant number four”. They could be seen waving banners and wearing t-shirts that displayed the young woman’s likeness. Exuding grace and full of confidence, Annicette owned the stage, smiling sweetly while ‘jamming’ to the sounds of popular road march songs.

All four contestants competed in speech, talent, princess wear and carnival costume segments. The judges Minerva Dormoy, Daphne Brookson and Jocelyne Manuel were on the lookout for design creativity, stage performance, natural talent, visual impact, originality and fit and suitability of gowns.

First runner-up Katy Warner, who was also adjudged Ms. Photogenic by a team of photographers at the event, was awarded a total of 497 points. Warner recited a poem in French for her talent, wore a stunning purple gown in the princess gown category and ended her performance with a carnival costume dubbed Ms. Sweety Sweety. The multicolored costume designed by Jasmine Philips of Survivors Carnival Troupe was filled with different types of candy and even featured a pair of shoes made of M & Ms. Warner put on an energetic performance in her costume and appeared to enjoy herself immensely.

The title of second runner-up went to Wonda Preval who modeled a green Elizabethan gown, gyrated to the song ‘Waka Waka’ for talent and presented herself as a ray of golden sunshine in a costume called Sunshine Doll. This was also a Philips creation and displayed the St.Maarten/St.Martin map as part of the head dress in brilliant gold.

Third runner up Samantha Cyrille was given the liberty to choose her own costume; she chose a Philips piece called African Princess which was adorned with rhinestones and peacock feathers. The traditional African wear in orange, green and black colors complimented Cyrille’s skin tone and fit perfectly. She also modeled an orange and silver ensemble for the princess gown segment but appeared distracted at times. Her talent consisted of straddling her hips to a Jamaican ‘dancehall’ hit.

Perhaps to make up for the lack of cultural influences in the talent segment, winner Annicette wore a madras dress and did a traditional dance sprinkled with some modern music. Her carnival costume was designed by Alberto Reyes and featured glow in the dark colors. Aptly titled Jewel of Royalty, she used the stage to display her flamboyant costume. The creation appeared an extension of her princess gown, Fuchsia Explosion.

Three out of the four contestants in the Miss Senior Carnival Queen Competition also made guest appearances at the event. During the pageant’s intervals, entertainment was provided by Grain D’or dance group who made several cultural presentations and singing duo Rickishio and Nicholia.

Ms. Pitchounette 2012 Tiffany Annicette will now head the Children’s Parade to be held on Sunday February 12 through the streets of Marigot which ends at the carnival village.

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