Anguillans to visually confirm suspects’ identification today

POSTED: 01/6/12 4:53 PM

St. Maarten – Members of the Royal Anguilla Police Force will visit St. Maarten today to make the visual confirmation on whether three men being held by the Police Force of St. Maarten for armed robbery are suspects they are seeking. The Anguillans have already given verbal confirmation based on a telephone conversation on Thursday between officers here and their counterparts in Anguilla.
“It was verbally confirmed by the Anguilla National Police Force, that the information that they had received from our Police Department about the three detainees, are the persons of interest that they are seeking,” a statement from the acting Police Spokesman G. Sprott stated.
Even though the trio are persons of interest for the Anguillans Justice Minister Roland Duncan has said he wants to ensure they are tried for their crimes here before the Anguillans can get hold of them. He’s also unsure whether or not the group can be extradited.
“We have an extradition treaty with Britain, but I’m not completely sure it extends to Anguilla. I believe it does because Anguilla is British Territory, but I’m not completely sure,” the minister said.

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Anguillans to visually confirm suspects’ identification today by

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